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Contracts Adviser Service

Which contracts are you using in your business? Even more importantly which should you be using? Probably a lot more than you realise.

Leasing business premises? That will be a Tenancy Agreement or Lease. Employing staff? That will be Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbook. Customer sales? That will be standard Terms and Conditions or signed Agreements. In a Partnership? That will be a Partnership Agreement. Running a Company with more than 2 shareholders? That will be a Shareholders Agreement. Buying or selling a business? That will be an Asset or Share Sale Agreement.

The list is endless. Legal contracts will involve financial risks. Risks that need to be identified then allocated between the parties. Getting this right takes experience and we’ve got plenty of that.

We will produce or review just about any legal contract used by a business. We do this stuff. So you can rest easy.

Contract Law Advice Service Pricing

Ad-hoc / Case by Case Services Package

Ideal for smaller or start-up businesses

Available when you just need occasional documents producing, changing or reviewing. Fixed price quotations available. Or, when you need ad-hoc advice and assistance, pre-agreed hourly rate applies.

‘Rest Easy’ Retainer Pricing

Ideal for slightly larger and high growth businesses.

Full audit of current and required documents. Existing documents updated and kept up to date. Required documents produced and put in place. On-demand advice and proactive guidance. Available on an ongoing basis 24/7. All for a modest monthly fee.

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