Business Adviser Services

Running a business is a tough life. You need bags of energy, talent and resilience. And, whether or not you’re new to Management, you’ll benefit from tapping into some experience. That’s where we come in. The firepower of Legal, Company Secretarial and front-line Managing Director experience, And without any of the ego trips or office politics. Someone on your side for a change!

We’ll provide you with case by case advice. Or even better you can just sit back and rely on our ‘Rest Easy’ retainer contract.

Sound advice on just about every challenge you’re likely to meet when running your business….

Getting Started

Sole trader? Partnership or Limited Liability Company? Which is best for you?

Your base. Work from Home? Office based?

Protecting your assets. Correct Insurance cover? Register Intellectual Property?

Growing your business

Marketing and Sales. What’s the difference?

Type of Assets. Employees or Freelancers? Collaboration? Franchise?

Customers. How to improve quality?

Credit Control. How to get paid faster?

Staff. Retention and development ideas?

Acquisitions. Opportunity or Threat?

Compliance. Health and Safety?

Exit Strategies

Types. Trade sale or MBO?

Timing. In best shape?

Competitive tension. What’s that?

Have you got the time, energy or inclination to get involved with all this? Is this what you signed up for?

Exactly! We do this stuff. So you can rest easy.

Your own experienced Business Adviser – on demand.


Business Adviser – Pricing

Ad-hoc / Case by Case

Ideal for short term issues

Ad hoc advice or individual project work. Charged on a pre-agreed time basis. For projects with a clear start and finish date fixed price quotations.

‘Rest Easy’ Retainer

Ideal for continual involvement.

Available 24/7 – advice and proactive guidance on any business issues you face at a fixed monthly charge for as long or short a period as you choose.

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