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Nigel Short of VOOT Telecommunications

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Why choose Legal & Business Affairs Ltd?

You don’t normally pick somebody like me out of a listing. Or at least I hope you don’t!

You pick somebody like me because we’ve met and you liked what you heard. Or you’ve been recommended by one of my clients or a business contact. Or maybe because you’ve read the Linked-In Recommendations and that’s a good enough starting point for you. However we’ve managed to come across each other you will soon see the benefits of using an adviser with plenty of hard, practical experience.


Keeping the jargon down to a minimum when we do the Legal stuff. And the effectiveness turned up to maximum, whatever the subject.


Join dozens of businesses who already rely on Legal & Business Affairs.

Tell me about Paul Gregory


My name is Paul Gregory, owner of Legal and Business Affairs.

I began my career training and qualifying as a Solicitor in London then moved back North.  I carried on and moved out of Private Practice to become Legal Counsel and Company Secretary to a multi subsidiary Holding Company. I carried on again and was appointed Managing Director of what my team and myself turned into a £60 million turnover company employing 1200 people across 20 sites. I carried on again and took the plunge to become self-employed.

I started this business to build a better link between commercial clients’ expectations and adviser’s service offerings. Since 2003 that’s what I’ve been doing. Using real life experience to provide top quality, affordable, legal and business advice ever since.

I see things from yourcommercial perspective by getting to know you and your business. By understanding you, your aims and your business ethos I can better protect your business in documents and advice.

How to use our services

Case by Case Service

Advice on Employment Law, Legal Contracts or Company Secretary Services only when you want it.

Engage our services on a case by case, ad-hoc basis – each project charged at a fixed hourly rate

Inclusive Retainer Service

Advice on Employment Law, Legal Contracts or Company Secretary Services whenever you need it together with proactive guidance.

Engage us on an annual retained service basis – charged at a fixed, inclusive monthly rate